"Every day we learn, we grow and we work hard to made games."


We are always working and planning all sorts of interesting games and projects. We expect to increase our list of games in a future.

By now these are our first projects for mobile.

MAGOS Freedom's Element

Magic Hack and Slash game for Android mobiles

A challenging Hack and Slash based on fast combats against enemy hordes and great magical bosses. Level up, upgrade abilities, get objects and fight on the Arena.

            Chaos Manager Disco Game

            Fast Managing of NightClub

            Buy, build and have fun. A fast managing and chaos game against time!

                      ABOUT DRAWING CODE

                      Drawing Code is a small indie game studio made by three video game fans, in Olot, near Barcelona.

                      Game development is our passion and we know that we have a long way to go in the video game development world. But we are ready to walk on it, and our main intention is creating games for players to have fun with them as much as we have. We just want you to get fun playing our games or just following our process.
                      WHO WE ARE

                      A powerful team of developers. We are challenging ourself every day, learning better ways to create games and push forward our big dream.

                      ABNER GASSÓ

                      Designer & Art director

                      Senior Web developer and designer, graduated in Multimedia and Computer Science. He have experience programming frontend and backend applications. Currently, he focus his skills on Art and Drawing, 3D Modeling, Level design and gives support with Game Design and Programming.

                        TONI GOMEZ NIETO

                        Designer & Programmer director

                        Senior programmer, system technician and database administrator, with more than ten years experience. He has experience organizing a famous LAN Party in the Barcelona area for more than a decade (LAN Party Volcánica), he is a founding partner for a networking and security company: Evitern Technologies, and he has demonstrated experience in developing and creating apps for mobile devices.

                          XEVI PELÀEZ RÀFOLS

                          Bussiness administrator

                          Business administrator and system technician. Tech and videogame fan. He has 8 years experience in former jobs including finance, banking, sales, human resources and computing. Currently, CEO in a cleaning services company (Utilitats) in the Olot area, since 2007.


                            Feel free to ask whatever you want